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Published in the The Times of India dated 14.6.17 (Bangalore & Mysuru edition- Sports Page)

Chess being taught in Mysuru schools
The Mysore District Chess Association (MDCA), affiliated to the United Karnataka Chess
Association (UKCA), has evolved a programme to teach chess in schools.The association, 
which embarked on the initiative last year, has already begun teaching the game once in a 
week in a couple of schools this season. The sessions are open to students from 3rd to 7th 
standards. While MDCA has specified one hour a week per school, it is also open to conducting 
two sessions if the schools are keen, MDCA Secretary K R Shivarame Gowda said.
MDCA instructors begin with the basics before asking school children to solve practical
problems in subsequent sessions. Match play sequences will be played in classes often to
improve children's confidence level.
"Chess in schools help children to succeed and builds their confidence. It challenges young minds,
helps them solve problems and develops their concentration and thinking capacity. It doesn't cost
much either. We are charging only Rs.100 per child a month," Gowda added. Interested schools in 
the District can contact K.R.Shivarame Gowda, Hon.Secretary, MDCA.Ph: 9448273082 or visit

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