Chess in schools

Chess in schools is an initiative by the Mysore District Chess Association (MDCA) to popularise chess in the schools in Mysore District. The Association has begun its activities by starting coaching programmes in schools.

Chess in schools help the children to succeed and enables them to build up their confidence level. It challenges young minds and helps them to solve problems. It develops their concentration and thinking capacity. If chess is introduced to children it will:
a) Help them to be analytic thinkers. b) Help them to solve critical problems. c) Help them to be motivated learners. d) Will help them to think twice before they move.
e) Will help them to be graceful while winning and losing.

The benefits of chess in Education

We face in our modern, splintered world not only a crisis in education, but more pointedly a crisis of understanding of thought and of willingness to engage in thought. Thinking tools in chess, help our minds expand, grow comfortable with abstraction and learn to navigate complex systems.

Pupils as young as seven should be given compulsory lessons in chess amid claims that it boosts concentration levels, numeracy and reading comprehension according to a teacher's leader. If part of the curriculum it can dramatically improve pupils level of concentration, boost problem solving skills and develop their thought processes.

Chess can boost numeracy levels along with knock-on benefits across other subjects, including reading. Chess covers or comes into many areas of the curriculum. It's not just about Kings, queens, rooks etc., it's about quadrants and co-ordinates, thinking strategically, foreseeing consequences. It's about lines and angles, weighing options and making decisions. It's about teaching patience.

MDCA's Initiative to teach chess in schools

Chess will be taught once in a week at schools from 3rd to 7th standard for one hour. Instructors will be provided by Mysore District Chess Association (MDCA) to teach the children. Basic chess will be taught and then exposure will be given to them by asking them to solve practical problems. exposure will be given to the children by conducting match play to build confidence level.
Interested schools may get in touch with the Association for such programmes to be introduced in their school.
For further information contact: K.R.Shivarame Gowda, Hon.Secretary, MDCA. Ph: 9448273082.

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